Magdaleno, the Finishing and Aesthetics Coordinator at A&Z General Contractor, demonstrating his expertise in ensuring superior aesthetics and finishing in home remodeling projects in Lansdale, PA.
Finishing and Aesthetics Coordinator


Magda Leno: Dedicated Builder and Finishing Expert

Four Years in the Industry, Enriching Our Team for One Year

Magda Leno joined our building team a year ago and has quickly become an integral part of our workforce. With four years of experience in the construction industry, her expertise is a valuable asset. Magda excels in a variety of skills, including painting, finishing work, and expertise in concrete and drywall. Her versatility in handling different aspects of construction makes her a key contributor to our projects' success.

Expertise in Creativity and Detail

Magda brings a combination of artistic flair and precision to her work. Whether it's applying paint with the perfect stroke or expertly managing concrete and drywall tasks, her attention to detail ensures high-quality finishes. Her talent in these areas not only ensures functionality but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the spaces she works on.

A Vibrant Personality with a Love for Sports

Known for her lively spirit, Magda loves to play jokes, adding a sense of fun and camaraderie to our team. Her humor and playful nature make the work environment enjoyable and light-hearted. Beyond work, Magda is passionate about playing pool and soccer. These hobbies showcase her competitive side and her enjoyment of team dynamics and physical activity.

Magda Leno: A Valuable and Joyful Member of Our Team

Magda is more than a skilled builder; she's a cherished member of our team who brings a unique mix of professional skills and a vibrant personality to our company. Her expertise in construction, combined with her playful nature and love for sports, makes her a respected and beloved member of our workforce. We are thrilled to have Magda Leno with us, contributing her talents and spreading joy.

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