Alma Ramos, Chief Administrative Officer and Co-Owner, in a professional black attire representing A&Z General Contractor's leadership.
Chief Administrative and Co-Owner

Alma Ramos

Alma Ramos: 12 Years of Dynamic and Results-Driven Experience

A Journey of Professional Excellence and Innovation

Alma Ramos' 12-year tenure in the construction industry stands as a testament to her dynamic and results-driven approach. As the Chief Administrative Officer and Co-Owner of A&Z General Contractor, Alma has been pivotal in steering the company towards operational excellence. Her career is marked by a relentless pursuit of efficiency and innovation, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Alma’s expertise extends beyond routine administrative duties; she is instrumental in ensuring that both project and company paperwork are handled with the utmost precision. Her keen eye for detail and organizational skills ensure smooth operations across all departments.

The Architect Behind Our Branding and Marketing

Alma's role at A&Z General Contractor goes beyond traditional administrative responsibilities. She is the creative force behind the company's branding and marketing strategies, skillfully crafting the image that sets us apart in the competitive construction industry. Her strategic vision in branding has not only elevated our company's profile but has also played a crucial role in our market growth and presence. Alma's innovative ideas and approaches in marketing demonstrate her deep understanding of the industry's trends and the company's unique strengths.

Passion for Nature, Fitness, and Exploration

Outside the office, Alma is a person of diverse interests, which add depth and balance to her professional life. Her love for nature and commitment to fitness speak volumes about her dedication to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Alma's passion for music and travel reflects her appreciation for cultural diversity and her quest for continuous learning and personal growth. These interests not only enrich her life but also bring a fresh perspective and energy to her work at A&Z General Contractor.

Alma Ramos: A Driving Force at A&Z General Contractor

Alma Ramos is more than just a Chief Administrative Officer and Co-Owner; she is a driving force behind A&Z General Contractor’s success. Her comprehensive approach, combining administrative prowess with a creative touch in branding and marketing, sets her apart as a leader in our team. Alma’s diverse interests, including her love for nature, fitness, music, and travel, contribute to her dynamic personality, making her a well-rounded and inspirational figure in our company. We are privileged to have Alma at the helm, guiding us with her expertise, innovative spirit, and passionate commitment.

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